Why Strong & Clear Calls to Action are Super Important.

Why Strong & Clear Calls to Action are Super Important.

In the world of online business, having a website or social media page with clear calls to action is super important.

This is because it enables anyone visiting your website to act instantly. And instant action means more sales for you.

So, what are Calls to action (CTAs), and why are they super important? This article will explain.

What is a Call to Action-CTA?
What is a Call to Action-CTA?

As the name suggests, this is a button that invites the website visitor to act on the information provided.

A CTA could be for various reasons. Perhaps, it’s to subscribe to your newsletter or email list, purchase something or read more CTA on another page.

Normally, these buttons are strategically placed on your website, with different colours, sizes, or texts. They also include links to the action you would like your visitor to take.

Tip: Work closely with your web designer to ensure that your calls-to-action buttons are visible to any visitor to your website. If your visitors need to scroll for long before finding them, you may lose a lot of potential clients.

4 More Reasons Why Clear Calls to Action (CTAs) are Necessary.

1. Fulfills Your Website Visitor’s Expectations.
 Fulfills Your Website Visitor's Expectations.

Our brains have been wired to get a positive response when you click on something.

The call to action button was designed to fulfill that urge.

Whenever a visitor lands on your website page and clicks on the action button that takes him to his desired destination, their sense of reward is fulfilled. This satisfaction may make him want to take further action.

Neil Patel elaborates on this point further here.

2. CTAs Grab the Attention of Passers-by.
 CTAs Grab the Attention of Passers-by.

Since your goal is to make your brand known to new and existing customers, to that end it is good for you to have a clear and visible call-to-action button.

This is not limited to your website. Your social media ads also benefit your brand greatly, if your CTAs are very visible.

These CTAs will encourage the customers to learn more about your products or services. And the more they know your brand and build trust in it, the more advantageous this becomes for your business.

3. Increases Your Sales Funnel.
Increases Your Sales Funnel.

Most digital marketers rely on sales funnels in order to drive sales. And this is because sales funnels are very effective.

But what use is a sales funnel if clients can’t figure out how to access it?

If your sales funnels CTAs are clear and easy to reach, new clients will easily give you their relevant contact information much easier and quicker.

And once they do, it is now your turn to offer them the value they expect. This could be the download link to an e-book, a discounted consultation, free meal, etc.

Once they’re satisfied, you’ve bagged yourself a recurring customer- all because your CTA was done right. 👍

4. Helps Boost Digital Advertising.
Helps Boost Digital Advertising.

Online business is extremely competitive. So to succeed, you need to attract attention while providing value.

Clear CTA buttons can help accelerate your success greatly.

So to recap, remember to:

  1. Place CTAs strategic & visible places on your website. Read more here.
  2. Make it look attractive and appealing.
  3. Make sure the CTA message is clear & exact.ie. Buy Now, Sign Up Now, Click Here etc.
  4. Keep it short.

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