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Why Is Your Website Not Converting Visitors into Customers?

You have managed to create your website. Well done! However, you notice very quickly that visitors are also not being converted into customers.

Why is this happening?

Well, here are 6 possible reasons why.

1. No clear CTAs.
 No clear CTAs.

What would you like your visitors to do when they visit your website? Do you want them to buy something? Download your free books? Subscribe? Then you should clearly state that in your content.

Also, strategically place your Call to Action (CTA) buttons to capture the visitor’s attention.

As a rule, make sure that visitors see your CTA within the first 8 seconds after landing on your website.

If your call-to-action buttons are clear and strategically placed, you have a higher chance of a conversion. Want to know how to write excellent CTAs? Read what Neil Patel suggests HERE.

Tip: Don’t overload your webpage with too many CTAs.

2. Irrelevant Information.
Irrelevant Information.

What content are you giving your target visitors? Is it what they are looking for? Are you solving a problem and meeting their needs? Is the information up to date or, is it outdated?

If your website doesn’t give your visitors what they need, Boy Bye!

So make sure that you create your website with a specific visitor in mind. And ensure that you do the same with the content you provide on your website.

3. Poor Webpage Loading Speed.
Poor Webpage Loading Speed.

As we already mentioned, you have 8 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention.

Therefore, your web speed should be instant. And this is because the attention span of web users grows shorter and shorter by the decade.

If a page takes too long  to load, your visitors will just leave your page and look for the information they seek elsewhere.

Unfortunately, that means you lose out on potential customers. Google page speed insights is a great tool to help you know how you are doing on your website’s speed.

Simply type in your website name & Click ‘Analyse‘.

4. Mistrust.

Yes, your website visitors may not trust your brand simply they don’t know you yet.

To stand out, it is important to create highly authoritative content that will make them comfortable to want to buy from you. How, you ask?

a. Write informative content, that meets the need of the person.

b. Be consistent in posting.

c. Interact with your customers. For example, reply to their queries, create polls, or host a free give-away.

d. Provide case studies or testimonials of people you have helped with your brand.

Remember to always review your branding to make sure your website looks professional; not amateurish.

5. Difficult to Navigate.
Difficult to Navigate.

Since most web users are impatient, our website MUST be set up in a way that they get what they need as easily as possible. Otherwise, they will go somewhere else.

For example, after choosing something to buy, the check out process should be simple.

For example, allow new visitors to continue their purchase as ‘guests’ – instead of making them sign up before they check out. You have probably made many purchases online yourself – so you know this is a HUGE turnoff for buyers. 

So, don’t waste your visitor’s time, give them a solution in the fastest way possible and they will return.

6. No SSL Symbols.
No SSL Symbols.

If you are selling courses, products or services on your website – your site MUST have an SSL certificate or HTTPS installed .

Without this mark of trust, no one will be willing to buy anything from your website. A HTTPS website is indicated by a green padlock in the address bar.

You absolutely need this if you run any website that requires your clients to pay. If your website URL begins with ‘http’ and not ‘https’, then you need to click this link to install it ASAP. Luckily, most SSL certificates are free.

Your visitors need to feel safe that their financial information will not be hacked. So having an SSL certificate for your website is very important.

Final thoughts.

Converting webpage visitors into customers is well within your power. So why don’t you start by applying some of the tips mentioned above?

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