Email So Important in Business Communication?

Why is Email So Important in Business Communication?

Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, the email system has dominated the communication world. Even with the different social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp today, Email remains the most preferred means of business communication – even more so in the business world.

You may wonder, why is it necessary to have and use email as a means of communication? This article explains.

1. It is Cheap.

Why is Email So Important in Business Communication?

Sending emails creates significant savings for a business.

For example, it saves on shipping costs, and phone-based customer service support costs as the email customer support services are cheaper.

It also saves costs of printing marketing fliers or letters, since the information can be sent through email.

2. It is Fast and Efficient

Why is Email So Important in Business Communication?

Maybe you would like to hold an urgent meeting with your employees or

shareholders. An email will reach them within a few minutes and you can quickly get them to confirm their participation in the meeting.

Or perhaps, your customers have queries or need clarifications about your business products or services. Emails are very reliable for this purpose. And with this, it is indeed possible to answer them and solve their problems almost instantly.

Also, customers can read and reply to such emails at their convenience.

3. Helps in Record Keeping.

An email can remain in a person’s inbox permanently if not deleted. This, therefore, makes email communication a good tool for keeping records. Also, sent or received messages can easily be tracked down – contrary to filing papers or printing them for records.

You can scan and attach your cv, academic documents, passport copies, photos, and any necessary documents. From there, you can access them anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect storage for your documents.

4. Environmentally Friendly.

Why is Email So Important in Business Communication?

Many companies today have environmentally-friendly policies, despite the fact that we both know they honestly don’t care.

Regardless of that fact, Email is paperless.

And you can argue that it helps us take care of our environment by reducing rubbish and the amount of paper we use – thereby saving trees. (Just ignore for a second that email requires electricity, which requires the burning of coal, which… you get the point).

5. Failure Notification.

If the receiver hasn’t received an email because of a ‘hiccup’ from either side, a failure notification will appear. This is very effective, as it helps the sender know exactly which recipients in their email list are no longer operational.

It also helps the sender to look keenly at an email address and correct it if they had typed it wrong.

6. Great Marketing Strategy.

Why is Email So Important in Business Communication?

Email is a great marketing strategy for your business because your target audience can opt-in to receive notifications about your products, services, or new stuff.

Email communication is also incredibly good for follow-up, and you can help tailor your messages to target existing and new customers.

You can read more about this on my post HERE.

Tip: Sending targeted emails to your customers will more likely convert to sales.

7. Easily Accessible.

As the digital work environment continues to change since COVID-19, many people are working from home or remotely. As a direct result, email has become far more accessible for both communication and sales reasons.

As an employer, you can give work-related instructions and assignments to your employees wherever you are and you are sure that work will be done, and goals met. Also, many remote employees spend a lot of time using email – both personal and corporate- in order to get work done. That allows them to constantly use email for both work & leisure purposes and further promotes the use of email as a means of connecting, purchasing, and communicating.

So there you have it: short, sweet and straightforward.

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