cold emailing in sales

What is Cold Emailing in Sales?

What is Cold Emailing in Sales?

For your business to acquire more sales, reach your target audience, and scale up, you can never underestimate the power of cold emails. There are many advantages of using cold emails in your business. Many marketers have found out that using cold emailing is most preferred by clients than cold calling.

Personally, I still use cold emails a lot in order to get new clients as well as referrals.

This article will explain what cold emailing in sales is and the advantages of using it for your business. Let’s dive in.

So What is a Cold Email?

This is an email you send to a potential client or business whom you have never met before. Most times your target may have no idea who you are and what your business is about.

The goal of the email is to build a business or customer relationship which will in turn lead to an increase in your sales.

Advantages of Cold Emails.

1. It is Personalized.

What is Cold Emailing in Sales?

Since you are sending to a known client, the email can be tailored for their specific needs.

To achieve this, research the potential customer and tailor your email to include the client’s pain point and how you can help them. Remember the email is not about you, so focus on the customer’s needs.

 This is effective because the clients may be moved to act on the email and this may lead up to sales.

2. Effective Tool in Networking.

Sometimes it may be difficult to meet potential customers or investors face to face for networking. However, you can reach out to them through cold emailing, introducing yourself and your business just the way you would have done face to face. This way you are helping increase the awareness of what your business is providing.

The potential client may respond and even refer you to more clients who will expand your network.

3. Inexpensive and Scalable.

What is Cold Emailing in Sales?

You can choose to send hundreds of emails at once to many people at little cost. The risk here however, is that you sacrifice quality for quantity – as the emails will not be personalised to the individual client’s needs.  At times, there may be costs incurred due to automation software or buying domains. However, these are still cheaper compared to other forms of marketing.

Any type of business from small businesses to large companies can use this method. Also, the (ROI)-Return on Investments is very high, therefore it is a preferred way to scale up your business.

4. Provides Value.

The difference between a cold email and spam is that a cold email provides a very clear solution to satisfy the customer’s need. This is done without trying to sell the products or services first.

This will in turn help the customer want to know more about your business or brand since they feel the email is personalised and genuine. Spam, however, does not provide any value and will always remain an unwelcome guest in the client’s inbox..

5. Informative.

Since it’s a cheaper way to reach potential customers and businesses, you can put in more information about your goods or services. This information may be in form of attachments, like documents, and infographics.

This also enables the recipient to go through the information at their own time and pace and gives them time to think through it as opposed to cold calls.

What is Cold Emailing in Sales?

5. Creates Brand Awareness.

Sending cold emails may sometimes feel unproductive since research states the response rate is between 1%-5%. Speaking from my own experience as a freelancer, it can be a tedious process.

Especially if you take the time out to research each potential LinkedIN client so as to provide value. In order to stay consistent, realistic and manage my expectations, I send 100 cold emails with the aim of getting 1 good client.

Then when I follow up those emails periodically, the number increases between 2-5 clients. So if you are a freelancer, the main thing here is about being realistic and consistent with your effort.

The good news here is that each action is a deliberate step towards earning potential sales. For starters, The recipients will not forget about your business and may need you in the future. Even better, they may refer you to other potential clients. Therefore, it is a good tool to use to create brand awareness.

So there you have it. Cold emailing is a proven way to get more sales and will help you expand your network, no matter what size your business is.

Do it today and take advantages of the many benefits it provides. Read more from my blog here.

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