Gleesons Butchers.

Gleesons Butchers.


Gleeson’s Butchers is a highly appreciated family butcher’s brand in the greater Dublin area. They are currently available in 4 locations countywide, with 1 other shop in Navan, Co.Meath. Established in 1962, their main objective to date has remained the same: providing succulent meat products all year round for their local and very loyal customer base. 


Gleeson’s Butchers would periodically send out emails based on available or upcoming instore promotions. For this client, they now needed innovative email ideas every week, in order to entice their existing client base to buy more. 


I decided to approach my email strategy with one simple goal: to get the clients to OPEN the emails: Obviously, that wasn’t the reality. But the approach has proven extremely compelling enough to get recipients to open the email and click on the deals—actions that currently drive MORE revenue for Gleeson’s Butchers. 

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