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I am Grateful.

This one will be as short as it is sweet.

As 2022 draws closer, I have noticed a growing sense of uncertainty in public behaviour and opinion. As well as in some people around me. The few days leading up to the new year used to be filled with celebration, optimism and bold resolutions which we gave up on only days later.

However, COVID-19 reality messed that up for a lot of people since 2020. New Year celebrations have now become humble events, and they feel quite pessimistic now when compared to the same time in 2019. Also, the fact that the virus has still not shown its final form gives a lot of people in Ireland very little hope to be excited about anything.

Despite all this, I have a lot to be thankful for in 2021, and optimistic about in 2022.

Thankfully, I have been able to achieve almost every goal I set for myself this year, and gone even beyond.


This year, I was finally able to rent my own flat in Dublin, although with some help at the start.

I got the motivation to restart my workout journey in July, hit my physical goals and remained consistent ever since.

I spent more than 180 days learning a new language – Español.

I was able to focus and be consistent in growing my freelance business, slowly and steadily everyday.

I was able to consistently step up and support my family financially when I needed to. Biggest shout out to my younger sister for being a trooper too, you really help lighten the load.

I was able to see my therapy through to the end. A journey that really helped me to increase my self-awareness and to forgive myself. I also learned to be more present and to work on myself in order that my mind and my heart work in balance. (This one is definitely going to be a life-long mission).

And I am healthy, which to me also means I am wealthy. I’ve made a few new friends this year, and maintained an even stronger bond with my OG friends and family. Next year, I hope to add an interesting mix of business partners and clients to the list.

Sadly, the only goal I could not achieve in 2021 was my travel goal, and that itself was outside of my own control. So you see, I have a lot to be thankful for and a damn good reason to feel pride in my accomplishments this year.

But Most Importantly…

…what I am most grateful for right now, is the support and trust that has been shown by others in my freelance copywriting work. I am talking about my current business partner, my clients and you my readers. In more ways than one, you inspire me to work harder each week to bring you these blog posts.

I have also received constructive critique and encouragement from very unlikely sources throughout this journey, even in moments when I was hit by impostor’s syndrome. Now, with my newfound confidence, I believe I can even dare to aim higher in 2022. And that’s why my vision board for next year shows exactly that.


…just like I was at this same time last year, I am aware that not everyone shares my optimism. Many small business owners have lost their livelihoods due to the ongoing pandemic, and with no one or nowhere to turn to for support. Many people are dealing with loneliness, depression and a crushing feeling of inadequacy.

Now. Combine the above with a cold winter, less sunshine and new mandatory covid restrictions – and you get yourself a ticking time-bomb. If you’d read my post 2 weeks ago, you’d know that I understand that feeling all too well. That is why if you are feeling unmotivated or uncertain about your direction in the coming year, I hope that my story can inspire you. Even just a little.

I know that staying motivated during these times can be especially challenging. And sometimes, we all need a little encouragement and a little push. So if you feel I could help you in any way, send me an email. It doesn’t have to be strictly business.

I wish you all the very best.

And good luck in the new year 2022.

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