Use Groupon to Get Remote Copywriting Jobs.

How To Use Groupon to Get Remote Copywriting Jobs.

I am an email copywriter. So seducing clients with a series of emails to get them to buy, is my specialty. However, as a freelance email copywriter with a full-time job, it is not easy to find very regular work due to my schedule.

However, thanks to a Copywriting Course called the Filthy Rich Writer, I was able to learn how to use Groupon to reach out to potential email customers. But first off,

What is Groupon?

How I Use Groupon to Get Remote Copywriting Jobs.

If you do not already know, Groupon is a popular American e-commerce marketplace that provides digital shopping vouchers. These vouchers or coupons help you save lots of money when shopping in online stores.

On Groupon, you can find many deals and discount codes for several categories.

These categories range anywhere from local deals in your area, hotels, and travel to discount codes for airlines, TV packages and clothing shops.

I have used Groupon vouchers for various gift purchases over the years.

Groupon & Finding Copywriting Clients.

How I Use Groupon to Get Remote Copywriting Jobs.

As I mentioned earlier, it is not easy to find regular work as a freelance email copywriter. Many times, I will carry out research on prospective clients, get personal email contacts and send cold emails to them.

So far, this has been my main method of getting clients. It can be a tough process, but overtime, you create various templates that would suit various clients. And that way, the process of finding copywriting clients becomes a little easier.

The problem here, however, is that a vast majority of these prospective ‘cold clients‘ are not in need of my services, since they are not running any marketing campaigns at that time.

Also, some of them have capable internal digital marketing teams that already help market their products and/or services.

As a result, I have had several rejections. But then again, rejection is normal in the course of freelance copywriting.

This has been my experience especially when dealing with clients in high paying industries such as financial services and tech startups.

However, this is not the case with business clients on Groupon.

How I Use Groupon to Get Remote Copywriting Jobs.

When a client is already advertising their services on Groupon, this means that they are actively seeking to make more sales. These clients have a clear need for more clients, and they are most likely to want to use my services.

I call them ‘warm clients‘. They are already willing to make a leap.

If you think about it, reaching out to clients that are already taking active steps to increase business, is obviously a smarter, better move.

So what is the Procedure?

It’s rather simple.

1. I go to my local Groupon website.

2. I filter by both Price and Distance. (If you live in a large city, you can add more filters such as category and rating. Otherwise you will be overwhelmed with products and services).

3. I go to each product or service on sale, I take down a contact email from that page or from their website, and add to an Excel Sheet.

4. I email them using a modified template as learned from my Comprehensive Copywriting Course. To see more,

clcik here

5. Keep in touch with clients that respond and set up a meeting with them.

6. Send a Follow Up email to clients that have not replied after a few days.

My results from the above were as follows:

I witnessed a 40% increase in the email opens of my ‘warm’ clients alone, compared to my cold clients.

How I Use Groupon to Get Remote Copywriting Jobs.

And in my first Groupon email campaign, I followed the exact steps above and was able to land 2 client meetings after only reaching out to only 13 prospects! All within 4 days.

This is a huge leap, considering I normally send more than 100 cold emails before landing a concrete meeting with tech & financial services clients.

If this is working for me, then there’s a very good chance it will work for you too if you’re looking to land copywriting clients. So why don’t you visit the Groupon website in your region and start reaching out to businesses!

And if you want to learn more from the most affordable, most comprehensive copywriting course out there,

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