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Are you struggling to lose belly fat and cannot succeed? No matter how much you diet or exercise??

Well you will be shocked to learn that this is not entirely your fault.

You see, our metabolisms are indeed very different from one another. Some people can lose weight with almost minimal to Zero effort, while others cannot lose a single pound if they had the same workout regime as those with quick metabolisms.

So here is where it does get interesting.

Stanford Scientists Discover a Shocking Cause of Belly Fat! And it is not what you think!

In 2022, after over 120 years of scientific data – a team of researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered just one common factor in overweight men and women – low inner body temperature.

And the one thing common in people with normal metabolisms?? Normal inner body temperature!

So just so you know, inner body temperature is not how hot or cold your skin feels – it’s the temperature of your internal organs and cells. Further clinical research from Switzerland has shown that inner body temperature has an effect on how your body metabolises fat. READ MORE HERE.

When inner body temperature is normal, calorie burning is fast and almost effortless. However, when the inner body temperature is low, you r metabolism is simply slow as fuck. That is simply the truth. In fact, for every drop in inner body temperature, your metabolism slows by at least 13% or more!


Alpilean is unlike any product you have tried for weight loss!

It is one of the only products in the world with a proprietary brand of at least 6 alpine nutrients that are essential for metabolism and weight loss. These special nutrients and plants target and optimise low body temperature – which is a major cause of unexplained extra fat and weight gain.

By targeting inner body temperature, you will electrify your metabolism into full fat burning, energy boosting mode!

What Will I find In Each Alpilean Weight Loss Capsule?

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Is Alpilean right for me?

If you have stubborn fat stores that never seem to go away no matter what you do, then YES. ALpilean is right for you. It is designed to dissolve fat in even the worst case scenarios.

Is Alpilean Safe?

Alpilean is a naturally proprietary formula manufactured in the USA at their FDA reguistered and GMP certified facility. The production proces includes state-of-the-art , precision engineered machinery and the strictest sterile standards.

Each ingredient is 100% plant-based, soy-free, dairy-free, and put through additional 3rd party investigations to ensure both purity and potency.

How Many Bottles Should I Order?

If you are over 35 years of age or carry excess belly fat, it is recommended on the website to take the product for at least 3 to 6 months for best effect. Every 3-bottle pack of Alpilean comes with 2 bonus books absolutely FREE.

Alternatively, you can buy the 6-bottle pack – which comes with both books absolutely free as well as FREE SHIPPING.

What is the Best Way to Take Alpilean?

Take ONE pill with a glass of cold water every day. The nutrients will begin working and dissolving fat for you througout the day.

What if Alpilean does not work for me?

In that case, we are very sorry to hear that – but do not worry!

Each bottle comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, return the bottles for a full no questions asked refund to :


1301 Ridgeview Drive

McHenry, IL 60050

Otherwise, contact

How To Lose Belly Fat Overnight With and Without Exercise.

1. Don’t eat after 5 pm 

This rule includes alcohol consumption as well. Limit yourself to a drink or two with supper or a relaxed glass of wine with your spouse after the kids have gone to bed. If you have a couple of drinks, they will enhance your hunger and sweet desires, so avoid alcohol in the evening.

2. Drink a glass of lemon water before going to bed

Drinking water at night can flush out excess fats from your body while you sleep. The morning after, you’ll notice that you feel lighter and more energetic than ever before. Drinking water with lemon helps suppress your appetite if you’re still feeling hungry at night. Plus, it helps hydrate your body and boosts your metabolism.

3. Eat 5 Small Meals & Avoid Processed Meals.

Small meals include between 200 and 300 calories. If you feel like you need additional energy, feel free to have a few hundred calories in ONE meal. Alternatively, you might consume two or three smaller meals if you want to consume five smaller meals every day.

Processed foods usually have high levels of sugar, sodium, and fat. These make them very addictive and can lead to health issues such as obesity and heats disease.  

Furthermore, processed foods have low nutritional value. This is because they are not providing your body with beneficial nutrients. 

4. Eat More Protein & Fiber with Every Meal

Protein is essential for weight reduction since it is the only macronutrient that cannot be stored as fat in the body. This means that instead of being stored as fat, it will be utilized for energy, leaving you with a leaner, more fit physique.

Protein also boosts your metabolism by 30%, which is in addition to the 20% boost you receive from consuming complete meals. This speeds up weight loss and keeps your stomach full and satisfied after eating. Protein also aids in the reduction of sugar cravings by keeping blood glucose levels stable throughout the day.

Foods that are high in fiber include: 

  • Apples 
  • Green beans 
  • Collard greens 
  • Broccoli 
  • Sweet potato 
  • Raspberries 
  • Beans 

5. After each meal, weigh yourself.

If you haven’t lost any weight and you haven’t eaten anything in the last four hours, eat around 200-300 calories in a small meal and make sure you drink a glass of water with lemon.

Remember to drink plenty of water after eating throughout the day. To aid speed fat loss when sleeping, drink hot tea in the evening when your metabolism is slowing and you’re preparing for bed.

6. Take time to exercise! 

Use the following Sports Hoop Weighted Hoop for 15 minutes before going to bed or in the morning and you’ll see the miracle. Hula hooping offers a great aerobic workout that is easy to do at any time.

The hoop’s weight encourages full muscle engagement and high-intensity exercise for all parts of your body! So if you’re looking for a new way to get in shape without sacrificing too much time, give this unique exercise a try!

Other FAQS

What can I drink to lose belly fat overnight?

Water is, of course, the best option. Coffee is fine, but you will need to reduce the amount you drink when you are dieting. If you are drinking juice, try drinking green tea or water instead.

You can also use coconut oil in place of butter or any other high-fat product when cooking.

How to lose excess abdominal fat with ice packs?

To lose belly fat without exercise, many people recommend using ice packs on your stomach. Many of them will say that these ice packs alone can rid you of that unnecessary belly fat.

If you are looking for something for this purpose, go to the nearest drugstore and buy yourself an ice pack. You can also make your own with a plastic bag, placing it on your stomach before going to sleep.

How to lose belly fat overnight with BCAA?

Supplementing is another great way in which you can reduce belly fat without exercise.

First, however, you must make sure that you are taking the correct type of supplements. BCAAs are a great alternative to other supplements because they can aid in muscle growth, eventually leading to both fat loss and weight loss.

This is because they keep burning fat for energy, and they can help prevent muscle breakdown too. They also help your body recover faster after a hard workout, which is another benefit of BCAAs.

What foods help in losing belly fat overnight?

To lose belly fat without exercise, you need to make sure that you’re eating the right type of food. Apple cider vinegar, Fruits and vegetables are great options because they provide the body with nutrients and antioxidants.

Fruits and veg also give your body plenty of fiber, which can help it stay full for longer, so you won’t eat as much. These foods also contain very few calories, so they’re a great alternative for those looking to lose belly fat overnight.

How to lose belly fat with water?

Drinking plenty of water is a great way to lose belly weight for a flat stomach. You can do this by filling a tall glass cup with water and drinking it throughout the day.

However, if you want to be more specific in your goal of overnight belly fat loss, then you can drink a tall glass of water before going to bed. Also, make sure that you’re not eating late at night before going to bed – as this optimises weight management.

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