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I am a copywriter – not a web designer. So the fact that I am writing a review for Elementor – a WordPress plug-in that is indeed a web design tool, says a lot. But first,

What is Elementor?

What is Elementor

Elementor is a FREE drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress. This means that Elementor lets you create original-looking posts and pages – just like WIX and Squarespace, but better.

  • Elementor doesn’t require any coding skills whatsoever.
  • You can create new pages or a new site with any style, layout, or functionality you need. You aren’t limited to what your current WordPress theme offers.
  • It works on the front end of your website, meaning it shows you the outcomes of your work right away in a genuine ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ manner.

The main benefit of using Elementor is that you can create FREE, impressive page layouts/designs, even if you’re neither a professional nor have any experience with site-building.

This is especially important if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to hire anyone to help you with the site. Just like I did with this website!

Elementor Features.

250+ Ready-Made Templates

The choices are nearly endless. Even if you have no eye for design, they make it easy for you to create beautiful, professional-looking websites. 

The pages are all mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly.
Drag a Widget

Unlike WordPress Blocks, Widgets are smaller, more contained elements like text, images, titles, and maps. Located on the left of your page, you can drag as many Widgets as you want onto any page.

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*****PS: To sign up for FREE, click the link below – then click ‘Pricing‘ on the menu, and then ‘Plugin’.

try Elementor Features free

One of the best things about Elementor is that it gives you very fine control over every single element. You can adjust nearly every detail of your site’s content blocks, widgets, etc.

Don’t miss the Advanced tab (shown below) for some really interesting options:

  • Set exact margins and padding by pixel or percentage
  • Add custom widths to elements and set fixed page positions
  • Position widgets, text, or images within columns
  • Adjust the width and space between columns
  • Add advanced motion and hover effects
try Elementor Features

Plans and Pricing .

It’s free.

I should also mention there’s a Pro edition available as well. But you don’t really need it to enjoy, say, 90% of Elementor’s awesomeness. I mean that!

try Elementor plugin Features

The main plugin is available via the official WordPress repository (get it here). There are no hidden costs or signups/registrations needed. It just works!

Now, about that Pro edition. Granted, it does feature some interesting stuff that expert users will enjoy:

  • 50-plus additional content elements/modules.
  • 300-plus additional page templates.
  • Theme Builder (the module where you can change the headers and footers of your current theme).
  • WooCommerce Builder (the module that allows you to rebuild your WooCommerce product pages).
  • Popup Builder (a module where you can build pop-ups and have them integrated with either an opt-in form or some special offer/discount).
  • Visual Form Builder (comes with integrations with popular marketing tools).
  • Add custom CSS to any Elementor block.

Here’s the current pricing of Elementor Pro:

try Elementor Features

*****PS: To sign up for FREE, click the link below – then click ‘Pricing‘ on the menu, and then ‘Plugin’.

try Elementor Features free

Elementor’s FREE version includes over 30 different template options that will help your website look more professional. I use the free version for this blog. Also, there are over 40 widgets to choose from and a built-in page editor. As far as website builder plugins go, Elementor has lots of options to pair with your WordPress themes. 

Elementor for US $49 per year.

The paid options come with more templates and more detailed website features across several different plans. The Essential package costs $49 per year, can be used on a single website, and includes over 300 Pro templates (which offer more detail than the free options), over 90 widgets, and over 10 website template kits.

The Expert plan costs $199 per year and lets you install it on up to 25 websites. 

More professional businesses might eye Studio ($499/year) or Agency ($999/year) which include VIP live chat support, and expand the number of websites Elementor can be used on to 100 and 1,000 respectively.

Elementor Review Conclusion.

My Pros.

  • Includes live page editor
  • Works as a front-end page builder
  • Numerous editing tools
  • Great customizability

My Cons.

  • If something is misaligned on the page, it’s often hard to locate the exact margin that is causing the issue.
  • Can be confusing for beginners. However, there are very good YouTube videos that teach you how to use Elementor easily.

Now go out there and have fun with it!

*****PS: To sign up for FREE, click the link below – then click ‘Pricing‘ on the menu, and then ‘Plugin’.

try Elementor Features
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