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Best Electric & Kerosene Space Heaters Ireland

Space Heaters Ireland

Space heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have one purpose: to heat up a small area. The most common type of space heater is an electric space heater, which uses electricity to generate heat.

There are also gas-powered and oil-powered space heaters, but these are less common. Space heaters are a great way to keep a small space warm, without having to heat up the entire house. The Sealey range of space heaters are particularly well-known industrial-grade kerosene/diesel heaters.

Space heaters are typically used in rooms that are not regularly used, such as guest bedrooms or home offices. Depending on the features of the heater, they can also be used in larger rooms to supplement the heating system, or to target specific areas that tend to be colder than others.

When using a space heater, it is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to avoid any safety hazards.

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Space Heaters Ireland – What is the Best One?

1. Dreo Atom One Electric Heater – 1500W + Remote Control

Most Affordable


  • INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE – Do you want a brilliant electric heater that will not break your bank? Then this is the heater for you.
  • POPULAR AMAZON’S CHOICE – This heater also has the Amazon’s Choice tag, which is reserved only for products that are popular, affordable, reliable and available to deliver ASAP.
  • ENERGY -SAVING – This space heater features 3 modes and 3 speeds, allowing you to customize the amount of heat you need. It also helps you save money on your energy bills while providing efficient and effective heating for your home.
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION – The 70° wide oscillating function helps distribute the heat evenly throughout the room, and the thermostat ensures that the temperature remains consistent. Also the overheating protection feature ensures that the space heater does not get too hot, making it safe to use in your home.
  • TIMER DISPLAY – allows you to set the heater to turn off after a certain amount of time (1-12hrs), and the remote control makes it easy to adjust the settings from anywhere in the room.
  • DELIVERY – Order today for delivery in less than 5 days

2. Dreo Solaris 1800W Heater + Remote Control

Perfect for Small Apartment


  • INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE – Quality products do not have to be expensive.
  • POPULAR AMAZON’S CHOICE – With over 300 positive ratings from satisfied customers, this stylish and durable heater has earned Amazon’s tag for quality and reliability.
  • STYLISH – The Dreo Solaris Slim H3 is a powerful and compact ceramic space heater that delivers fast and efficient heating.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – the Solaris Slim H3 also features a unique 1-12 hour timer, remote control, and overheating and tip-over protection for added safety – just like its sister Atom One above.
  • POWERFUL & QUIET – With a maximum output of 1800W, the Slim H3 is powerful enough to comfortably heat up large areas such as basements, garages or living rooms. And is also 12% quieter than traditional heaters.
  • DELIVERY – Order today for delivery in less than 5 days.

3. Lasko Ceramic – Electric Space Heater 

Most Units Sold


  • POPULAR – This stylish andeffective heater has 4.4/5 stars from nearly 1500 customer reviews.
  • EASY TO USE – With digital simple touch controls and an 8 hour timer, this space heater is easy to use.
  • ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES – this heater includes a no-visible heating element, safe touch surface, automatic shut-off, and tip over safety switch. Also An in-built thermal protector prevents the heater from overheating,
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION – The patented blower system of the Lasko ceramic space heater distributes heat evenly and effectively, and this is only made possible by its specially designed heat channels.
  • REMOTE CONTROL – while its handy remote control allows you to adjust settings remotely.
  • DELIVERY – Allow at least 12 days for delivery.

4. Sealey AB458 Kerosene Workshop Heater

Highest Rated


  • VERY HIGHLY RATED – with a current customer rating of 4.8/5 stars, this industrial kerosene heater is a monster to reckon with!
  • INDUSTRIAL LIGHTWEIGHT – Also weighing in at 12.5 kgs, this heater may be pretty heavy for some but it is light for an industrial-grade heater.
  • PERFECT FOR VERY LARGE SPACES – With a heat output of a whopping 45000 British Thermal Units, it is perfect for large spaces such as warehouses or workshop areas.
  • ENHANCED FEATURES – It features two heat settings, so you can choose how much heat you need, and an adjustable thermostat so you can maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • COMPACT DESIGN – means it will take up less space in your home or workshop. The built-in carry handle also means it’s easy to move from room to room.
  • DELIVERY – Allow at least 8 days for delivery.

5. Sealey LP55 Propane Workshop Heater – 54,500 BTU/hr

Most Powerful


  • EXTREMELY POWERFUL PROPANE HEATER – The Sealey LP55 Space Warmer Propane Heater is perfect for those who need a reliable and powerful heating solution. With a whopping 54,500 BTU/hr output, this heater will quickly and easily heat up any space – large or small. And because it runs on propane, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power or dealing with a messy cords.
  • 3 VERSIONS AVAILABLE – There are 3 other output versions available : 40500btu/hr, 68000-97000btu/hr and the monstrous 210000-400000btu/hr
  • NO WASTE RESIDUE – Compared to paraffin heaters, the fuel is completely burned so you will not have to worry about oily residue.
  • SAFE – This beast complies with industry CE Marking Directives, so you can trust the durability and safety of this heater
  • DELIVERY – Allow at least 8 days for delivery

Honourable Mention – Heated Gloves, Socks & Jackets

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4 Things to Consider when Buying a Kerosene Space Heater.

Size of the Room

When buying a kerosene space heater, it’s important to choose one that’s the right size for the room you’ll be using it in. Heaters are rated by the area they can effectively heat, and buying one that’s too small will mean you’re constantly having to refill it, while one that’s too big will be a waste of fuel.

Kerosene Safety

Kerosene heater safety is also important to consider. These heaters need to be vented to the outside, so make sure you have a window or door that can be opened for ventilation. And always keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of accidental fires.

With proper use, kerosene heaters can be a great way to stay warm and save on your heating bills. Just make sure to choose the right size heater and follow all safety instructions.


Finally, also consider the price of both the heater and the fuel/kerosene you’ll need to use in your heater. Kerosene is typically more expensive than other fuels like propane or natural gas, so be sure to factor that into your budget.


Also, a cheap kerosene heater is very likely to leave a strong smell when you use it. So it might be in your interest to buy a more expensive one or simply an electric space heater.

In this blog post, we will include electric heaters as our main recommendations, as they will be typically less expensive than a high-quality kerosene heater.

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