The ECOFLOW Delta 2 Portable Power Station.

Best Portable Power Stations – ECOFLOW Delta

Ecoflow is an innovative brand of off-grid solar and incredibly powerful portable power stations. Their mission is to provide eco-friendly, reliable energy solutions with the goal of empowering people in remote locations or even everyday life.

Their hefty power units are your all-in-one hub for recharging and powering your gadgets including TVs, slow cookers or pressure washers – they’re ideal for anyone camping, out in the garden or on a long car journey, or anybody needing the peace of mind you get from owning a spare backup battery in the event of a power cut.

Ecoflow offers various models with different capacities so you can find the perfect portable power station for your needs. And Just like with energy-saving heaters, you can save an incredible amount of money by using ECOFLOW’s solar-powered portable stations.

The Ecoflow Delta Range is their flagship model.

With an average capacity of 1300 watts and the ability to power up to 7 devices at once. These Deltas are equipped with a silent inverter for safe operation, eco-friendly lithium-ion batteries that are eco-flow certified, and have enough ports for charging your essential devices such as phones, laptops and cameras.

On top of that, Ecoflow also offers a wide range of accessories such as solar panels, cables and portable generators so you can stay connected no matter where your adventures take you. With Ecoflow, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will never be without power.

So join the Ecoflow movement and make a difference in the world today!

1. EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station

***Shipping can take 4 to 6 weeks


  • EXPANDABLE CAPACITY – 1-3kWh expandable capacity. Add on the DELTA 2 extra battery to reach 2048Wh, or add on the DELTA Max Extra Battery to hit 3040Wh.
  • HUGE AC OUTPUT –1800W AC output means you can power more than 90% of your home appliances. Or, try plugging in up to 13 devices at once. Unlike other brands, DELTA 2 can prevent overloading from devices up to 2400W thanks to X-Boost technology.
  • 7x FASTER AC GHARGING- X-Stream tech means that DELTA 2 charges 7 times faster than the competition. That’s 0–80% in just 50 minutes and 0-100% in 80 minutes with AC input.
  • GO GREEN – Plug in portable solar panels and get up to 500W input to charge from anywhere in as fast as 3 hours.
  • LASTS 6X LONGER – Get 10 years of daily use until hitting 80% of its original capacity. That’s down to its LFP battery chemistry giving you 3000+ cycles.
  • REMOTE CONTROL- Use the EcoFlow app to control your DELTA 2 from anywhere using Wi-Fi. Link with Bluetooth when off-grid. Either way, you can check charging data, customize settings and adjust the charging speed with ease.
  • 5-YEAR UNBEATABLE WARRANTY – Unlock an extended 5-year warranty for worry-free experience.

Specifications Summary

BrandEcoFlow Model DELTA 2
Size40x 21.1 x 28.1 cm
Weight11.55 kg
Battery typeLithium-Ion
Silent & Zero Emissions
– 3000 cycles to 80%+ capacity
Battery capacity in Wh1024 Wh
Output USB2 x USB-A
2 x Fast Charge USB Port
2 x USB-C Port: 100W Max per port
Output DC12.6 V Car Charger
DC5521 Output (x2)
Output 220 V4 x Pure Sine Wave – AC 230 V (EU Schuko)
total max. 1800 W continuous load
Input DCWall Charger port 1200 W
AC Input Voltage 220-240V~ 10A
Solar Charging 11-60V 15A Max, 500W Max
Car Charging Supports 12V/24V Battery
WaterproofWater Resistant Cover (IP54)
Overcharge protectionYes
Charge indicatorYes
Operating temperature-10°C ~ 45°C
Recharge time via ACYes (1-2 hours)
Wifi & Bluetooth functionYes

What is in the Delta 2 Box?

1. DELTA 2 

2. AC charging cable 

3. Car charging cable 

4. DC5521 to DC5525 cable 

5. User manual 

6. App quick start guide 

7. Warranty card

*The solar to XT60 charging cable is included only with purchase of EcoFlow portable solar panels.

What Should I Consider when buying a Portable Power Station?

When shopping for portable power stations, there are a few key features to consider.

The amount of power you need.

ECOFLOW portable power stations come in various sizes and capacities, ranging from 500Wh to 1800Wh. If you’re looking for portable solar-powered energy production, look no further than the RIVER portable power station series. It has integrated solar panels that quickly charge up your device with renewable energy.

Number of Ports.

Next, consider how many ports or outlets you need from your portable power station. Many models feature multiple AC outlets and USB ports that let you plug in a variety of devices such as laptops, phones, tablets and more. Some models also offer additional charging capabilities like DC carport output.

Size of The Power Stations

Also take into account the weight and size of portable power stations. Many portable power station models are designed to be lightweight and compact enough to fit in your bag or backpack, making them easy to take on the go.

Though the usual powerful Ecoflow power stations are bulky in nature, they have several other discounted lightweight options on their website that would complement your outdoor lifestyle.

Battery Capacity

It’s also important to understand how long the portable power station will last.

ECOFLOW portable power stations have high-capacity lithium-ion battery packs that can hold a charge for incredibly long cycles before needing a replacement. That is also why most of their products have an unbeatable 5 YEAR Warranty.

This ensures you always have reliable energy when you need it most, from a manufacturer that does it best.

The Price of The Portable Power Station

Do not forget the price tag. Though expensive, ECOFLOW portable power stations have a lot of discounts on their UK website and each product comes with an extensive number of features, making them an excellent choice for those looking to purchase innovative, long-lasting and reliable portable energy.

With these considerations in mind, you should be well on your way to finding the perfect portable power station for your needs. Check out ECOFLOW’s selection of promotional portable solar and power stations below.

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