Concept 2 Rowing Machine For Sale Ireland

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Concept 2 Rower for Sale Ireland + FAQS

A Concept 2 Rower is a sale-ready indoor rowing machine designed and produced by Concept 2, Inc. This reliable fitness equipment has been trusted for decades by experienced rowers and Crossfit athletes alike.

The Concept 2 Rower provides an effective workout that combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training to give users the most optimal full-body workout available.

Some Main Features of a Concept 2 Rowing Machine.

The sale-ready indoor rowing machine is designed to provide users with a comprehensive workout experience.

  • COMFORT – It comes with adjustable footrests, ergonomic seat, and aluminium monorail system that offer maximum comfort while rowing.
  • HIGH-LEVEL ENGINEERING – Furthermore, the machine’s advanced flywheel system uses air resistance to simulate realistic rowing experiences without straining the user’s joints.
  • LCD DISPLAY – Additionally, the indoot ROWING MACHINE also includes a modern LCD display that gives users an accurate reading of their performance in real-time.
  • FOLDABLE & EASY TO STORE – The RowErg is easy to wheel around for workouts and can be quickly separated into two pieces (no tools required) for compact storage, thus making it perfect for busy lifestyles.

Concept2 RowErg with PM5 – £1,150

No-Fuss 2Year Limited Warranty

Every RowErg machine is backed by a limited 2-year and 5-year warranty. Find out more by clicking HERE.

Included with your Purchase

Every RowErg with PM5 comes with the following:

  • Device Holder – so you can work out hands-free while enjoying entertainment
  • User Manual – So you can learn more details about the functions
  • Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide
  • Tools and illustrated assembly instructions

The PM5 Performance Monitor for Indoor Rowing

The powerful PM5 Performance Monitor, standard with every RowErg, provides repeatable, comparable data for every workout. The PM5 offers a simple “Just Row” mode or allows you to set up a variety of workouts. It is also one of Concept 2’s Unique Selling Points.

  • The backlit display is also adjustable, which increases visibility and makes it easy to read for any and all athletes.   
  • The monitor provides data throughout your row which can then be compared to other rows in order to help athletes to improve their performance.
  • The free mobile app for iOS and Android, ErgData, can connect to your PM5 monitor. You can set up various workouts, view additional stats relevant to your fitness objectives.


Maximum Weight 227kg 
Seat Height 36cm (14 inches)
Monorail Length 137cm
Chain or Cord Steel chain  
Chain/Cord Housing Partially enclosed 
 Finish  Powder coated 
Support Legs Aluminum front legs, steel rear legs 
Monitor Arm ABS plastic. Pivots for storage and to adjust monitor height. Monitor angle can also be adjusted. 
Storage Can be separated into two parts for easy storage 
Colour Scheme Light grey or black 

Space Requirements.

Assembled 8ft x 2ft (244cm x 61cm)  height standing the rower up is 244cm
With Clearance for Use 9ft x 4ft (274cm x 122cm) 
For Storage 25in x 33in x 54in (63.5cm x 83.8cm x 137.2cm) 
Machine Weight 57lb (26kg) 

Shipping Dimensions

One Box 15in x 21.5in x 56in (38cm x 55cm x 142cm) 
Shipping Weight 70lb (32kg) 

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