Sublimation Printers Ireland - FAQs.

Sublimation Printers – FAQs.

Sublimation Printer Ireland

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A sublimation printer is a type of digital printing technology that uses heat to transfer dye onto various materials such as metal, glass, ceramic, plastic and fabric. You can find many sublimation souvenir printing spots in Irish shopping malls and this is also becoming quite a popular side hustle in Ireland.

The printing process begins by printing an image on special paper with sublimation inks. The paper is then placed into a heat press where it is heated up to high temperatures (typically 400°F) and pressure is applied. This causes the dye to turn into a gas, which bonds with the material being printed on.

The result is a vibrant, high-quality image that will not fade or scratch over time.

Sublimation printing, just like laser cutting is becoming increasingly popular as it’s an affordable way to produce customized products with the highest image quality.

Canon Selphy CP 1300 Photo Sublimation Printer
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5 Benefits of Sublimation Printers over Inkjet Printers.

  1. Unlike traditional inkjet printers, sublimation prints do not require any setup fees or long production times.

2. They are also highly durable and can withstand wear and tear without fading.

3. Unlike screen printing, the colors used in sublimation prints won’t ever fade or wear away.

4. Sublimation printing allows you to produce more vibrant colors than traditional inkjet printers and is perfect for creating customised products such as mugs, t-shirts and mousepads.

5. And with no need for setup fees or long production times, sublimation printing is an affordable and efficient way to produce high-quality promotional items.

10 Things to Consider when Buying a Sublimation Printer in Ireland.

1. Quality of Output

Choose a printer that is capable of producing high-quality prints with vivid, vibrant colours and sharp lines. Check and compare features such as adjustable pressure settings and resolutions to ensure the best results.

2. Cost

Sublimation printers can be relatively expensive, depending on what you need to use it for. So it is important to set up a budget before you start shopping.

Consider the cost of supplies such as inks, papers and blanks, too, so that you don’t end up paying more than necessary.

3. Versatility

Unless you need the printer for something specific, it is best to buy one that can handle multiple types of media, such as fabric, paper or wood. This will ensure that you have the flexibility to print on a variety of materials.

4. Ease of Use

Look for a printer that is easy to set up and operate, so you won’t have to waste time struggling with complicated instructions or software. Consider the level of customer service offered by the manufacturer as well.

A provider that has 24/7 customer service in place is clearly more desirable.

5. Maintenance

Make sure you choose a sublimation printer that is easy to maintain and won’t require frequent maintenance or replacement parts. The best way to ensure this is by reading the manufacturer’s manual to have a good idea of what to expect from the machine.

6. Warranty

Before making a purchase, make sure you read the warranty coverage thoroughly. Look for warranties that cover parts and labor as well as any technical issues that may arise. This will ensure you get maximum value from your printer over time.

Many printers online come with a 1 year to 3 year warranty. So take advantage of this as much as possible.


Epson A4 SureColor SC-F100 Sublimation Printer for Transfer

7. Speed

Depending on how often you’ll be using the printer and what type of prints you’ll be producing, consider the speed of the printer. The faster the printer, the less time it’ll take to complete a job.

Also – look for printers that offer adjustable speed settings if needed.

8. Connectivity

If you plan on printing from multiple devices, make sure your printer offers Bluetooth and other options for connecting to different computers. Check for compatibility with your mobile devices, too, so you can easily print from anywhere.

9. Durability

It’s important to choose a printer that is built to last and won’t break down after a few uses. Read reviews and product specifications before making a purchase, so you can be sure it’ll stand up to the demands of your business.

10. Brand

Some brands are associated with quality – such as HP, Epson and Canon. So if you want the best value for your buck, choose a reputable brand that has been in the sublimation printing industry for some time and offers reliable customer service.


Overall, sublimation printing is an ideal choice for businesses looking to create customised products with a vibrant, long-lasting image. With no setup fees or long production times, it’s easy to understand why this type of printing technology has become so popular over the years.

So if you’re in the market for a reliable, affordable printing solution for both personalised gifts and souvenirs, consider investing in a sublimation printer.

You won’t be disappointed!

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