Best Kebab in Dublin

My 4 Best Kebab Spots in Dublin City.

Best Kebab in Dublin

When it comes to food in Dublin, the presence of many nationalities and global cultures has transformed Dublin into a very multicultural city, with great food from all corners of the world.

One such cuisine is kebab, and also one of my favourite meals. My favourite kebabs are the doner kebab or the mixed chicken and beef kebabs – topped with a lot of the signature garlic yoghurt or sauce.

While there are many places around town serving up delicious kebabs, these 4 spots stand out in my opinion as the best!

So Here’s my personal list of the 4 best kebab spots in Dublin City:

1. Zaytoon

Overall Best Kebab House

Best Kebab in Dublin

Zaytoon Kebab is a popular kebab restaurant with 5 locations in Dublin – including Temple Bar, Camden Street and Ranelagh. It’s very well known for its high-quality ingredients, fresh and tasty food, and friendly service. I can personally attest to the freshness of its ingredients, as that is my favourite spot after a good night out in town. (Charlie’s is a close second, however they do not do kebabs).

Customers do rave about their freshly made kebabs, juicy and succulent meats, and generous portions.

Additionally, they also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options on their menus.

Zaytoon Kebab is simply a joy and perfect for anyone looking to enjoy some simple, yet delicious and authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in Dublin.

2. Turkish Kebab House

Best On-the-go Kebabs

Best Kebab in Dublin

Anyone who knows anything about authentic local food, will tell you that wherever you travel to in the world, the little corner shop is the king of flavours. This is the case with the Turkish Kebab House on Parnell Street.

This one is very personal and nostalgic for me because I lived in Mountjoy Square, Dublin – from 2018 to 2019. This means that my address was less than a 5-minute walk to Turkish House. And also, when I walked home from my late-night restaurant shifts in Beef & Lobster Restaurant at the time, Turkish Kebab always had my Mixed Kebab Meal order on standby at least once a week.

Unlike Zaytoon, TKH is not a sit-down restaurant. So you can only buy and collect, or buy and deliver. So it is perfect for anyone who is looking for a nice, greasy indoor takeaway.

Even though they have very limited vegetarian options, I’ll have to admit that their vegan options are practically non-existent.

Check them out HERE.

3. Falafel (Temple Bar)

Best Middle-Eastern Design, Music & Shishas

Best Kebab in Dublin

The Falafel Kebab restaurant in Dublin, located on Essex Street in the Temple Bar district has incredible decor. Once you walk in, you’ll feel immediately as if you have instantly moved from Dublin to the Middle East. The design includes tiles which reveal the cultural roots and style of the Middle East, from the luxurious decorated walls to the stunning decorative window pillows and couches.

Before I get into kebabs, Falafel also makes the best shishas in Dublin by far. So if you like flavoured tobacco waterpipes, you should definitely check this place out.

Aside from the comfortable environment, the tasty authentic fresh kebabs and falafel are also part of what makes this restaurant amazing for me. Like most kebab joints, they have an extensive traditional Middle Eastern menu with a wide variety of options ranging from vegetarian dishes to kebabs.

The combination of Middle Eastern Music, mild shishas, crispy falafels and fresh vegetables wrapped in warm pita bread, combined with their mouth-watering kebabs, has left a firm mark on me. You should do well to check them out HERE.

4. Passion for Food – Kebabs

Most Underrated

Best Kebab in Dublin

With a name like that, there’s no way you can go wrong.

Passion for Food is a no-frills kebab restaurant located on both Clanbrassil Street and Camden Street in Dublin. The small sizes of these restaurants may make you overlook it, but that would be a mistake. In short, I only had to go there because I had walked past it several times and later read online reviews. And it did not disappoint.

The delicious smell of grilling kebabs will draw you in and the hearty, satisfying portions will keep you coming back.

The restaurant offers a simple menu focused on kebabs, with chicken, lamb, beef, and vegetarian options. Just like the best kebab spots, they use fresh ingredients and the prices are reasonable for the portions served. In short, let me stop rambling on – you have to go there and check it out for yourself!


Honorable Mentions.

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