Best Embroidery Machine UK

4 Best-Rated Embroidery Machines.

Best Embroidery Machine UK

What is an Embroidery Machine?

An embroidery machine is an automated sewing machine that creates intricate designs with thread. It’s used for a variety of projects including fashion, household items, and decorative items.

Some machines can even produce stunning multi-colored patterns using multiple spools at once. Embroidery machines also come in both computerized and non-computerized versions, and there are many brands available in the UK market today.

In this blog post, we have gone through some of the best machines on Amazon UK and ranked them here so that you do not have to do the research yourself! Our criteria include price, customer reviews and functionality – as voted by buyers online.

So keep reading to see more!

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What are the Best Embroidery Machines? – UK

1. JOKOO Embroidery Machine

Best For Beginners & Kids


  • HIGHLY RATED – 4.8/5 stars from well over 1600 buyers
  • MOST AFFORDABLE – At just under £25, you can save the rest of that cash and buy yourself something nice!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – At just 1.2kg, this machine can be moved around anywhere.
  • CORDED ELECTRIC – for improved speed, control and reliability
  • OTHER NOTABLE FEATURES – Built-in thread cutter, working lamp, foot pedal port, DC power port
  • DELIVERY – Only 48 hours with Amazon Prime.

2. Brother SE600 Computerised Sewing Machine

Most Units Sold


  • POPULAR – 4.6/5 stars from well over 6800 buyers. Now that is a lot of Units
  • TRUSTWORTHY BRAND – The Brother brand of embroidery machines is a juggernaut in the sewing machine industry.
  • LARGE COLOR TOUCHSCREEN – Large 37″ touchscreen display so you can preview designs in colour
  • ENHANCED EMBROIDERY FEATURES – The advanced features include change and preview thread colors, move designs on screen, and place lettering on arcs.
  • 4″ X 4″ EMBROIDERY FIELD – This computerized combination machine is built with a 4″ x 4″ embroidery field with an included hoop, embroidery arm, and foot
  • 103 BUILT-IN SEWING STITCHES – The SE600 comes with 103 built-in sewing stitches, including auto-sized buttonholes
  • DELIVERY – Allow up to 21 days.

3. Brother Innovis M280D Quilting & Embroidery Machine

Most Powerful


  • HIGHLY RATED – 4.8/5 stars
  • 45 BUILT-IN DISNEY THEMED DESIGNS – Creat Disney Magic From Minnie to Mickey to all the princesses
  • 80 BUILT-IN EMBROIDERY PATTERNS – Choose from a variety of sophisticated patterns
  • ADVANCED NEEDLE THREADING SYSTEM – No more stress when threading. Follow the thread guide, and use the needle threader lever with one finger
  • USB PORT TO IMPORT DESIGNS – Just insert a USB flash drive and load your embroidery design directly to the machine
  • 181 UTILITY, DECORATIVE & SATIN STITCHES – Choose from 181 stitches built into the machine, giving you unlimited creativity. Also includes 10 one step buttonhole styles
  • 14 STITCH TYPES– that can be combined with 10 different frame shapes, such as a circle or a square
  • 3.7″ COLOUR LCD TOUCH SCREEN – Manage all the functions with a simple touch of the easy-to-read LCD high resolution display
  • SUPER BRIGHT LED LIGHT– A bright, but gentle on the eye light, makes it easier to work on dark fabrics.

And MANY MORE! To see the exhaustive list of more than 20 Features and Benefits, click HERE.

***Allow 11-18 days for delivery

4. Uten Digital Sewing Machine – Model 2200

Best Value for Money


  • HIGHLY RATED – 4.5/5 stars from 600+ buyers
  • 60 INCLUDED STITCHES – Contains all the stitch types that are both relevant and popular amongst embroiderers
  • AFFORDABLE – At just under £180, this is one of the most affordable embroidery machines that come with everything you need!
  • BUILT-IN HANDLE– for easy mobility .
  • CORDED ELECTRIC – for improved speed, control and reliability
  • VERSATILE SEWING MACHINE – The LED light and LCD screen allow for fuss-free sewing. Select stitches and settings at the touch of a button, and an excellent option for both beginners or veterans.
  • DELIVERY – Only 72 hours with Amazon Prime.

5 Things to Consider when Buying an Embroidery Machine

1. Budget

How much do you want to spend on a machine? Prices for embroidery machines can range from as low as £50 to several thousand pounds, so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it.

Depending on the type of machine, you might also want to consider any additional costs like thread, needles, stabilizers, and possible software upgrades for electric embroidery machines.

2. Brand & Support

Research the brand of machine you’re considering and look into their customer service track record. See if they offer technical support and spare parts should something go wrong with your machine down the line.

If in doubt, start with the Brother brand of sewing machines as your benchmark.

3. Space

Consider the size of the embroidery area that you’ll need. If you have a small space, you need a machine to suit your space and vice versa.

Also, the machine sizes may differ depending on their sophistication and the type of work your projects require.

4. Portability

If you plan on taking your embroidery machine with you to classes or to work at different locations, then it’s important to look for a model that offers portability and is easy to transport.

If you cannot find a lightweight machine that has the stitches or features you need, there are some machines above that may be heavier but have handles to help you carry your machine around.

5. Accessory Options & Upgrades

Consider what kind of accessory options a machine has as well as any upgrades that might be available in the future such as a larger hoop, extra needles, etc.

Additionally, make sure the machine includes all the items you need to get started like bobbin holders, embroidery feet, wide tables and thread stands.

Doing your research ahead of time will help ensure that you know exactly what’s included so you can avoid any surprises down the road.

Thank you for reading. See HERE for our post on Brother Sewing Machines.

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