Best Heating Ireland – 5 Best Energy Efficient Electric Radiators.

BestHeating Ireland – Best Electric radiators

With the constant rising costs of electricity in Ireland and Europe, people are searching for alternative and more efficient ways to heat their homes. Electric radiators are becoming an increasingly popular choice, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional gas and oil-fired systems.

Unfortunately, energy-saving electric radiators are still quite expensive, but there are a few models on the market that are more reasonably priced – and would be perfect for people on a budget.

What is the Best Electric Radiator For Your Home?

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1. Dimplex OFRB7N Mini Electric Radiator

Most Portable


  • POPULAR – With 4.6/5 stars from nearly 450 reviews, it is no doubt that this small heater is viewed very favourably by buyers.
  • INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE – without having to break the bank, you can save a lot of money and spend it by treating yourself.
  • PERFECT FOR A SMALL ROOM – With 700 watts of heat, this small, electric radiator would provide optimal heat in a room, small lounge or office
  • QUIET & LIGHTWEIGHT – making it easy to move from room to room.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – The thermostat means you can always keep your space at a comfortable temperature. This radiator is also designed to warm up 30% faster than an oil radiator, and uses 9% less energy overall.
  • DELIVERY – Finally, it has incredibly fast delivery (4 days), and is eligible for FREE shipping with Amazon Prime.

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2. Dimplex 1.5kW Portable Eco Radiator

Our Favourite


  • AMAZON’S CHOICE TAG – This incredibly affordable product has the Amazon’s tag – which is short for popular, reliable, affordable and available for immediate delivery.
  • MORE CHOICE – If a 1.5kW of heat output is not enough, there is also a higher 2kW ouput heater available
  • RAPID AND RESPONSIVE – Oil-free technology has up to 30% faster warm up and uses up to 9% less energy compared to oil-filled*. Easy to use, with no maintenance and a low carbon footprint.
  • 3-YEAR GUARANTEE – It comes with a full 3-year guarantee , which is way more than most other heaters at that price!
  • DELIVERY – Allow at least 9 days

3. Pro Breeze® 2500W Electric Oil Radiator

Biggest Discount


  • AMAZON’S CHOICE – for affordability, reliability and quick delivery
  • INCREDIBLY POPULAR – this heater currently has a trustworthy 4.5 stars out of 5 from over 2000+ ratings. Now if that isn’t trust, then I do not know what is!
  • PORTABLE & AFFORDABLE – want to get value for money without breaking the bank? Then this energy-saving oil heater is the one for you.
  • 24 HOUR TIMER: Improve energy efficiency and lower your energy bills by selecting when you want the heater to run – wake up or return to a cosy warm room without heating your entire home.
  • ENERGY -SAVING & ADVANCED SAFETY– Built-in overheat protection, safety tip-over switch and automatic thermal shutoff ensure the radiator instantly switches off in any unsafe situation.
  • 3 MODES – A fully adjustable thermostat and 3 heat settings of 2500W, 1300W and 1200W allow you to find and maintain the perfect room temperature.
  • DELIVERY – Allow 3 days for delivery. Also qualifies for FREE delivery on Prime.

4. Dreo Space Heater Atom One

Most Powerful


  • HIGHLY RATED AMAZON’s CHOICE– 4.6/5 stars on Amazon from well over 800+ buyer reviews. So you know this is a quality product
  • PERFECT FOR LARGE ROOMS – If you’re looking for a safe and efficient way to heat up to 26m² of space , then look no further than this 70° Oscillating Electric PTC Ceramic Heater 
  • ENERGY-SAVING: Features 4 modes (High, Low, ECO, Fan) to personalize your comfort. Energy-saving ECO mode adjusts its power based on the temperature around to keep you warm while helping cut down on heating costs.
  • QUICK HEATING : Powered by DC motor and 9 blades, this ceramic heater outputs 1500W high-powered PTC ceramic heating, much faster than other traditional electric heaters using AC motor and 3 blades.
  • DELIVERY – Qualifies for FREE delivery and fastest delivery in just 48 hours!

5. TP-Link Kasa Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter KIT

Most Popular


  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE – Control all your radiators in each room from your phone. No more guessing if you left the heating on – so you can always enjoy peace of mind every time!
  • SAVING ENERGY MADE EASY– The Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve allows you to set heating schedules based on your daily routines to make heating more efficient and save your money.
  • HANDS-FREE VOICE CONTROL– Connect to Alexa or Google Assistant to fine-tune your home’s temperature. No need to get up from the sofa, so you can sit back and enjoy your wine.
  • FROST PROTECTION– means the kit helps keep your pipes unfrozen and your house safe. To install, just simply replace your old radiator valve with Kasa and follow the step-by-step in-app guide
  • And many more!

FAQS – Best Electric Radiators

What are the Advantages of Electric Radiators over Oil and Gas?

1. Green and Efficient

First and foremost, electric radiators are much more efficient than their gas counterparts. Over the years, gas systems have largely remained the same – but electric heating has been constantly evolved as an energy efficient alternative. In fact, they can be up to 30% more efficient, which means that you’ll save money on your energy bills in the long run.

2. Less Noise

Gas systems can be far noisier due to hot water rushing through the pipes. Sometimes, it sounds much like a kettle boiling. This water rushing can sometimes become an issue in the long term, due to a build-up of sludge or limescale. So you might need a power flushing service to remove the build-up.

3. Cheaper and Easy to Install

Another advantage of electric radiators is that they’re very easy to install. Gas-fired systems need to be vented and require a professional installation, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. Electric radiators, on the other hand, can simply be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.

4. Safe

Finally, electric radiators are much safer than gas-fired systems as they do not burn fuel to generate heat. There’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions, making them the perfect choice for homes with young children or pets.

5. Long-term Value for Money.

Even though gas is cheaper to run on the daily than electricity, electric heating is cheaper to install than gas, has no maintenance costs and lasts for up to 50% longer than the average gas boiler.  It is also 100% efficient, meaning all the electricity you use and pay for converts into heat.

4 Best Low Cost Electric Radiators - Best Heating Ireland.

What Tips Should I Consider when Buying an Energy Efficient Electric Radiator?

As we have established above, electric radiators are a great way to heat your home and can be very cost effective. There are a few things you need to consider when purchasing a low cost, energy-saving electric radiator:


Firstly, make sure you choose an Energy Rating A model – this will ensure that your electric radiator is highly efficient and will help to keep your energy bills down.


Consider the size of the room or space that you need to heat. Electric radiators come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important to buy one that is appropriately sized for the space.


Next, think about the level of heat you need. Some electric radiators come with multiple settings, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Finally, take into account any special features that you might want or need. Some electric radiators come with timers, so you can set them to turn on and off at specific times. Others have built-in thermostats, so they can maintain a consistent temperature.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to purchase an electric radiator that is well-suited to your needs.

Do Oil-filled Radiators cost a lot to Operate?

According to Delonghi, oil filled radiators are more economical to run because they retain heat longer. Also power demand through the temperature control is called upon less frequently.

Electric heaters on the other hand, heat only the room you are in and not the entire house. Thereby providing extra heat only where required and helping to optimise energy consumption.

Which is Better & Safer? Oil-Free or Oil-Filled Radiators?

Oil free, or dry radiators tend to be safer than oil filled radiators. This is simply because they don’t contain any oil at all, thereby greatly reducing the risk of the oil leaking or the radiator rupturing.

Is 2kW Expensive to Run?

According to a report carried out by Express, while 2kW is beneficial in terms of allowing greater control over the temperature and position in your home, they’re not cheap to run.

In fact, even under the current energy price caps, a 2kW electric fan heater costs 56p per hour to use on full power.

How Else Can I Heat my Home Cheaply This Winter?

Nu Age Plumbing’s Top 10 tips include the following:

  • Do not block heater with furniture
  • Consider adding insulation.
  • Invest in a terracotta heater
  • Add a shelf to the space just above your radiator.
  • Stop your chimney from causing draughts by blocking it
  • Invest in rugs

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