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7 Best Kitchen Mini Counter Top Ovens – UK

Best Countertop Oven.

In the UK & Ireland today, kitchen products such as water carbonators and mini counter top ovens are becoming a home favourite – especially for people living in homes with no pre-installed ovens. I mean, it would be great if you could show up at your neighbour’s to borrow their oven each time you wanted to bake a pizza, vegetarian pies or some chicken wings.

However, show up the 3rd time and I guarantee you will not like the response.

Finding the right countertop requires a lot of research online. For that reason alone, we have decided to carry out the research for you ourselves – so that you do not have to.

Also, we have combed through the best countertop ovens on Amazon, and especially ones that can be delivered to the UK and Ireland. You see, there are many countertop ovens online that do not meet the voltage output for these regions, or simply have not been reviewed by users in both the UK and Ireland. Our recommendations below follow the below criteria:

  • Can be delivered to UK and Ireland
  • Have been used and reviewed by users in the UK (Not just Canada and the US)
  • Affordable
  • And can actually be used in the UK and Ireland.

Keep reading to find out more.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

What is the Best Mini Counter Top Oven for Your Home?

1. Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Mini Counter Top Oven [DT200UK]

Most Versatile


  • AMAZON’s CHOICE – Thi stag is given to products that are very favourably viewed by buyers for price, funtion and reliability
  • VERY MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE – 10-in-1 functions including Air Fry, Roast, Whole Roast, Grill, Bake, Pizza, Dehydrate, Reheat, Toast and Bagel.
  • SAVES UP TO 35% ON BILLSbased on recommended times for cooking sausages using air-fry function*
  • TRUE SURROUND CONVECTION – so there’s no need to rotate your cooking trays or flip your food. 
  • BOX INCLUDES – 1x H33.5cm x W43.5cm x D50.5cm Large Oven, 2 x Wire Racks, 1x Oven Tray, 1x Roast Tray, 1x Air Fry Basket and 1x Recipe Guide

2. Russell Hobbs 26090 Express Mini Oven

Most Affordable


  • MOST AFFORDABLE – highly-rated, quality oven and the most affordable on this list. This is proof that you do not have to break the bank to enjoy a good roast!
  • VERSATILE – a variety of 4 Different Settings – Grill, Bake, Toast and Keep Warm
  • 2.5 x FASTER THAN CONVENTIONAL OVEN* – Your toast is ready in under 4 minutes (*vs your conventional electric oven when cooking a frozen cheese pizza at 200 °C)
  • INCREDIBLE WARRANTY – 2 Years Manufacturers Guarantee – Plus 1 extra year when you register the product online
  • DELIVERY – Only 72hours with Amazon PRIME.

3. Sage BOV820BSS Counter Top Oven

Highest Rated


  • HIGHEST RATED ON AMAZON – with a collective 4.6/5 stars from over 700+ ratings, this counter top oven is currently the highest pound for pound rated on the platform
  • LARGE CAPACITY – Large 47 x 32 x 28 cm interior with enough room for 6 slices of bread, 30 cm pizza, roast chicken and a 9 cup muffin tray
  • 10 COOKING FUNCTIONS – Toast, Crumpet, Bake, Roast, Grill, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, Warm and Slow Cook
  • ELEMENT iQ SYSTEM: Smart algorithms steer power to where and when it’s needed to create the ideal cooking environment for perfect results every time
  • DELIVERY – Only 72 hours with AMAZON PRIME.

4. Salter® EK3662RG Aerocook Pro XL

Most Compact


  • SAVES SPACE – Due to its incredibly compact size, 12.8D x 13.3W x 15H, this 11L versatile oven is perfect for any kitchen with a small space.
  • 6 VERSATILE FUNCTIONS – you can air fry, roast, rotisserie, grill, toast and bake a variety of foods so you can create tasty meals
  • OTHER FUNCTIONS – Touch Display, 8 Pre-Set Functions, 60 Minute Timer, Digital Controls, Grill/Toast, Adjustable Temperatures 65-200°C,
  • ACCESSORIES –  1x Compact Oven, 1x drip tray to catch excess fat, 3x cooking racks, 1x rotisserie fork and 1x rotisserie tong
  • DELIVERY – Allos up to 7 days delivery to your home

5. Severin Mini Counter Top Oven

Most Units Sold


  • MOST POPULAR – With over 3200 ratings on Amazon UK, this counter top oven currently boasts the highest number of ratings/units sold. If this isn’t confidence, then I don’t know what is!
  • CAPACITY – 42 L. Temperature: 60 – 230 degrees Celsius.
  • ROAST SPIT FOR MEAT & POULTRY – Pizza stone with a diameter of 29cm – allows you to prepare a large pizza.
  • DELIVERY – Allow 7 to 9 days for delivery.

6. TurboTronic Counter Top Oven

Double Layer Door Stores Heat Better


  • BEST OVERALL VALUE FOR MONEY – At under £150, this oven can be considered a strong runner pound for pound runner up. It has a large 35L capacity, 2 stainless steel trays, and has several positive reviews on Amazon!
  • DOES ROASTS IN HALF THE TIME – due to the double layer glass door which prevents hot air from escaping, and cold air from entering.
  • 4 PRACTICAL KNOBS – for timer, heating function, temperature and cooking style.

7. HYSapientia® Counter Top Oven With Rotisserie

Most Accessories


  • WHAT YOU GET – 1x oven, 1x crumb tray, 1x bake tray, 1x oven rack, 1x air fryer basket, , 1x rotisserie, 1x fetch rack and 1x glove.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – air fryer oven toaster with small volume and high energy (toast, bake, fish, dehydration, grill, air fry, defrost, steak, pizza, Rotisserie),
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY – when you register your product online.
  • SAFE & SECURE – this mini oven adopts double-layer insulation glass, safety insulation strip and anti-scald widening handle
  • DELIVERY – Allow only 72 hours for delivery once you order on Amazon Prime.

FAQS – Counter Top Ovens UK

Can a Countertop oven replace a Regular oven?

Many countertop ovens come with robust features and settings – and sometimes more. However, they have less capacity for multiple dishes or large meals.

So the oven is perfect for a home of up to 2 people. A regular oven would be perfect for families of more than 2.

Why Are countertop ovens worth buying?

  • QUICK PREHEATING – They do not produce as much heat as traditional ovens while reaching the same temperature in a shorter period of time.
  • PRICE – They are far cheaper to buy than normal ovens

Do countertop ovens need to be vented?

A convection oven does not need to be vented, provided it has sufficient room around the appliance for ventilation.

If your oven is installed with enough clearance behind it and around the sides, then it is perfectly safe to use without any venting in place.

Can you bake a Cake in a Counter top oven?


For the most part, according to Baking Kneads, modern contertops will be able to fit a traditional 9-inch cake pan. Some older or specifically smaller variants may only be able to handle a cake pan that is eight inches or an 8- by 10-inch cake pan.

What is the Difference between a countertop oven and a toaster oven?

The main differences between countertop and toaster ovens is their size and functionality.

Countertop ovens are typically larger than toaster ovens and can be used to fully cook, roast or bake a range of recipes. Toaster ovens are usually a bit smaller and have a more limited range of settings.

What is the difference between countertop oven and Airfryer?

An air fryer is a countertop appliance that can usually cook one dish at a time while an oven is a full-sized appliance that can handle multiple dishes or larger portions.

The second major difference is function. An air fryer rapidly circulates heated air to cook and crisp up a range of foods.

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