12 Stunning Front Door Wreaths Ireland.

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What is a Door Wreath?

A door wreath or garland is an arrangement using flowers, leaves, berries, and other natural or faux materials that is hung on a door as decoration. They are very popular in many parts of the western world, and Ireland is no exception.

Door wreaths are usually made from evergreen products, as these plants are symbols of hope and fertility. They are also traditionally seen as a warm sign of welcome, and many people often use them to decorate homes only during the Christmas holiday season.

However, they are missing out on using the true power of door wreaths!

As a purely decorative item, wreaths can be used to make a statement all year round. An impressive, luxurious door wreath can serve not only as a conversation starter, but also as an incentive that elevates your house into a welcoming home.

Do you welcome guests into your home only during Christmas? I don’t think so.

So why get a garland you can use only during the Christmas season? Why not invest in a beautiful natural or faux door wreath that can give you and your guests that welcome feeling all year round?

In this blog post, we have selected our favourite Amazon wreaths for you to take a look at below. They are all premium wreaths that range in style from conservative to just downright flashy. Ireland doesn’t have to be grey all year round!

So take your time and go through our selection of door wreaths.

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12 Stunning Artificial Wreaths for Your Front Door Ireland.

1. HODAGES 50cm Handmade Decoration 

2. Lavender Faux Foliage Wreath

3. MKYSB 45cm Handmade Tulip Wreath

4. Faux Butterfly Chaos Floral Wreath 

5. YFQHDD Sunflower Door Wreath

6. 21.65 inch Handmade Tulip Garland 

7. MJWDP Wood-Bead Door Wreath

8. Pink Rose Hanging Door Wreath

9. Gesuter 10 Pcs Autumn Wreath

10. KAOROU Calendula Foliage Door Wreath

11. SLATIOM 15 inch Rainbow Handmade Garland

12. WSSBK Floral Spring Garland

FAQS – Wreaths for Front Door Ireland

What Should I Use to Hang a Wreath on my Front Door?

According to WayFair, the easiest and safest way to hang a wreath is with the help of a wreath hanger. You can choose from a variety of wreath hanging accessories including metal hooks, magnetic strips and adjustable bars.

How Long Can a Fresh Wreath Last?

Fresh wreaths last between 3 and 8 weeks, depending on the storage conditions. Refrigerated or outdoors in the cold, a wreath will last the longest. If indoors or outdoors in warm weather, your wreath will last the shortest.

How Many Types of Front Door Wreaths are There?

There are many different types of handmade wreaths, each with their own unique meaning and symbolism. Some of them include:

  • Christmas wreaths: These are probably the most popular ones. They are often made from evergreens and symbolizing hope and rebirth
  • Funeral wreaths: made from white flowers and leaves, symbolizing purity, innocence, and remembrance
  • Wedding wreaths: often made from flowers and greens, symbolizing love, unity, and new beginnings
  • Victory wreaths: these wreaths are made from laurel leaves, and are often used to celebrate a victory or success.

No matter what time of year it is, door wreaths are a beautiful way to add a touch of nature to your home. And we hope we were able to help you in your buying decision. Thank you for reading!

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