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FAQS About Amazon Audible UK.

What is Amazon Audible?

Amazon Audible is an incredibly popular audio entertainment service owned by Amazon. It offers a variety of audio content including audiobooks, radio shows, original series, comedy shows and plenty more for its users.

Users can enjoy LOTS of audio content on compatible devices such as phones, tablets and computers.

Other Features Include

  • INCREDIBLE VARIETY – With Amazon Audible, users can access hundreds of thousands of titles for both entertainment and educational purposes.
  • AUDIBLE ORIGINALS – Additionally, the service includes exclusive Audible Originals –  audiobooks produced by Audible that cannot be found or purchased elsewhere.
  • FLEXIBLE SUBSCRIPTION PLANS – It also offers a range of flexible plans that allow users to choose between downloading one title per month or buying credits for multiple audiobooks at once.
  • HIGH- QUALITY SOUND – Audible provides users with an immersive listening experience through its high-quality sound engineering and advanced features such as automatic bookmarking and playback speed adjustment.

Does Audible Have A FREE Trial?


Amazon Audible has a no-commitment 30-Day free trial.

What do I get with my Audible FREE Trial membership?

  • One FREE audiobook of your choice – yours to keep, even if you cancel your free trial. Prime customers receive 2 FREE audiobooks in their free trial. Join Amazon PRIME today.
  • Unlimited listening to the Plus Catalogue – which includes thousands of select Audible Originals, podcasts and audiobooks.
  • Exclusive member-only deals.
  • No commitment – meaning you can cancel at anytime.
FREE TrialNo Commitment

What Happens at The End of My Audible FREE Trial?

  • After 30 days, you will receive 1 book Each Month and continue to have unlimited access to the Plus Catalogue for just £7.99/month. This will renew automatically each month until you choose to cancel
  • You can still cancel easily anytime.

How Many Membership Plans are There?

Audible Offers 2 Main memberships: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. See the snapshots below for more.

Can I Switch Plans If I Need To?


You can switch between Audible Plus and Audible Premium plus as you wish.

To Switch, simply:

  1. Go to your Account Details page.
  2. Click on Switch membership.
  3. Choose the plan you want and click Select this plan.
  4. Click Confirm.

Can I Pause My Membership?


Audible Plus members and Audible Premium Plus members that are already subscribed can pause their account ONCE every 12 months. You can put your account on hold anywhere between one to three months.

How do I Pause My Membership?

To pause your membership, simply go to your Account Details page and click the ‘Pause Membership‘ button. Here, you can put your membership on hold for 3 months.

If you just want to pause your account membership for 1 to 2 months or are unable to put your membership on hold online, you need to contact one of Amazon’s customer service representatives. 

How Often can I Pause my membership?

Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus monthly members can pause their memberships ONCE every 12 months for up to a 3-month period.

For example. If you pause your membership for 1 month starting March 1st, and your plan reactivates on April 1st, you cannot pause your plan again for a full 12 months from after April 1st.

If I cancel my Membership while it is Paused…

Your membership will resume and you will still receive all of the benefits of your plan as promised by Audible until the end of your current billing period.

How to Cancel My Amazon Audible Subscription.

Cancelling your subscription depends on whether you signed up for Audible using:

  • iOs Apple app
  • Google Play Android app
  • Or the Audible Web Page

To Read Our Detailed Post on this, click HERE.

What are Credits and How do I Use them?

Credits are discounted benefits that you recieve as a member. There are several different credit types you may have on your account depending on certain actions you perform on the Audible website. 

These credits include:

  • Membership Credit
  • iOS App Store Membership Credit
  • Google Play Membership Credit
  • Return Credit
  • Extra Credit
  • Gift Credit
  • Complimentary Credit
  • And special Credits.

To see more information about each type of credit, refer to the Amazon Audible Help Page HERE.

Can I buy more Credits?


If you’re low on credits for your Audible Premium Plus subscription, you will see a special offer where you can purchase additional credits. See the snapshot below.

Buy 3 extra credits button on the Audible website

Can I Return a Book If I do not like it?

YES. But only for Audible Plus members who have purchased a book using credits.

Audible allows Premium Plus members to return books within 365 days of purchase.

What type of Refund will I Receive? 

AUdible Refunds are automatically provided to the same form of payment that was used to make the purchase. 

 Payment Method   Refund Type  
 Credit Credit
 Coupon Coupon

Note: Any credit issued for returning a title expires 12-months after it is issued, regardless of when it was originally received.

For more information on Amazon Audible, make sure to check out their help page HERE.

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