ALl you need to know about belt sanders

All You Need to Know Before Buying a Belt Sander.

What is a Belt Sander good for?

Belt sanders are highly effective tools for removing roughness and preparing woodwork for less aggressive tools in the process like random orbit and finishing sanders. It is crucial to belt-sand with the wood grain rather than across it.

Otherwise, the belt sander’s lateral action can ruin the work.

Is a Belt Sander better than an Orbital Sander?

Belt sanders are ideally suited to large, flat-surface projects that demand a lot of sand power. For small, flat surface operations or around surfaces, orbital sanders perform better.

The orbital sander is better if you are concerned that your hand is too sensitive for a belt sander.

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What are the Main Differences between a Belt Sander & Orbital Sander?

When it comes to sanding tools, there are a variety of options available, each with its unique features and capabilities. Two of the most popular sanders, belt sander and orbital sander, have been extensively used by woodworking, metalworking, and auto repair industries worldwide.


Firstly, a belt sander is an aggressive sander that comes with a large belt that wraps around two drums. The sanding belt, made of tough and durable material, moves in a continuous loop, allowing for fast and efficient material removal of large and rough surfaces. Belt sanders are perfect for shaping, leveling, and smoothing heavy stock materials, such as hardwood floors, decks, and furniture.

On the other hand, an orbital sander, as the name suggests, has an orbital motion that swirls in tiny circles, which enables it to produce a fine and smooth finish on surfaces. The sandpaper on the orbital sander rotates in a random orbit, making a small elliptical motion, which results in a scratch-free, swirl-free, and uniform sanding. An orbital sander is ideal for removing scratches or swirl marks from painted surfaces, as well as polishing metal surfaces and even automotive paint.


Another differentiating factor between belt sanders and orbital sanders is their speed and power. While belt sanders can reach higher speeds of up to 1,500 feet per minute, orbital sanders have a lower speed of around 12,000 orbits per minute, making them more suitable for finishing works.

In conclusion, although both types of sanders have similar functions, they are designed to perform unique tasks.

  • A belt sander is best for aggressive sanding on rough surfaces,
  • While an Orbital sander is ideal for precise sanding and polishing finishes.

Just like with an engraving machine, understanding each tool’s capabilities and limitations can help you make a more informed decision on which sander works best for your specific project.

What is Better than a Belt Sander?

An orbital sander can work in every direction. In comparison to a belt sander, it is weak. However, it does not cause any damage to the wood. An orbital sander can be great for different purposes and offers better flexibility.

What not to do with a belt sander?

  • Don’t wear loose clothing or gloves, and keep your long hair tied back.
  • Never remove guards unless authorized by WRL Manager.
  • Don’t place hands or fingers under pieces during feeding to avoid potential pinch hazards.
  • Don’t let hands come too close to the top of the opening on the sander.

What is the easiest sander to use?

According to Spruce, For general DIYers, a good place to start is with a basic random-orbit sander—a square 1/4-sheet sander or round model.

If you do a lot of furniture work, adding a detail random-orbit sander with a pointed, contoured head might be a good second tool to own.

Is an air sander better than an electric sander?

Air sanders are safer than electric sanders as you can use them safely in difficult or challenging environments. These are situations that would be hazardous to use electrical tools in. Air sanders can also be more resistant to elements such as dust, heat and water.

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