Best 230mm Angle Grinders Ireland

What is a 9-inch Angle Grinder?

It is a power tool that uses an abrasive disc to grind and shape metal, concrete, masonry and other materials. The angle grinder is one of the most versatile tools in any workshop or garage.

With its right-angle head and multiple speed settings, it can be used for grinding, sanding, cutting and polishing a wide range of materials. It’s also great for removing rust from metals and it can even be used to cut tile or stone. 9 inch angle grinders are relatively inexpensive, easy to use and offer great precision when shaping metal or working on detailed projects.

What are the Components of an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder has several components including:

  • A rotating abrasive wheel which is typically mounted on a spindle
  • A handle connected to the spindle
  • A guard covering the wheel
  • An adjustable guard to protect your eyes and face from flying debris
  • A trigger switch for turning on and off
  • An adjustable speed control for changing the rotation speed of the wheel

The size of an angle grinder is typically denoted by its diameter, usually in inches. For example, a 9 inch angle grinder has a disc that is nine inches across. This type of grinder is typically used for larger jobs such as cutting metal sheets or beams and it offers more power than smaller grinders. However, they can also be used for finer tasks like polishing metals or shaping stone.

9 inch angle grinders are relatively safe to use if you take proper precautions and wear protective clothing and eye protection. If you’re just getting started with an angle grinder, it’s important to read the safety manual that comes with the tool and practice on scrap materials until you become familiar with its operation.

In this blog post, we will also show you our 5 favourite 230mm/9 inch angle grinders and their reasons why.

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What is the Best Angle Grinder? – Top 5.

1. Makita 240V – 230mm Angle Grinder

Our Favourite


  • AFFORDABLE – A good 230mm grinder does not have to break the bank. Now save that money and get yourself something nice!
  • INCREDIBLY POPULAR – This piece of equipment currently boasts a 4.8/5 rating from well over 500+ reviews. Now that shows you that this grinder has left a strong impression on buyers.
  • AMAZON’s CHOICE – This tag is given to products that are popular, reliable, affordable and have quick delivery times.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – With a diamond blade attached, this 230mm beast slices through a 100mm square 50-year old reinforced concrete post with absolute ease. 
  • DELIVERY – Order today for fastest delivery in just 6 days.

2. Bosch Corded 9 Inch Angle Grinder

Most Affordable


  • INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE – This 240V output beast is far easier on your pocket than your gas tank. And it stays around for much longer too!
  • INCREDIBLY POPULAR – This piece of equipment currently boasts a 4.7/5 rating from well over 1200+ reviews. So you know that this is a very reliable piece of equipment.
  • AMAZON’s CHOICE – This tag is given to products that are popular, reliable, affordable and have quick delivery times.
  • RELIABLE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This 9 inch angle grinder with a grip size of 176 mm offers the best ergonomics for low-fatigue work. Plus the flat gear head offers good working progress even in narrow spaces.
  • ITEMS INCLUDED – GWS 7-115, Auxiliary handle, Backing flange, Locking nut, Protective guard, Two-hole spanner
  • DELIVERY – Order today for fastest delivery to Ireland in just 6 days.

3. Einhell 230mm Angle Grinder – Additional Handle

Additional Handle


  • AFFORDABLE – This 230mm grinder is also incredibly affordable, just like the last 2 above!
  • INCREDIBLY POPULAR – With over 1700 reviews, this grinder has definitely made its mark on the market for a simple reason – it is reliable
  • FLEXIBLE HAND MOUNT – The front hand is mountable in 3 different positions. This makes it incredibly ideal for different tasks. And the ergonomic soft-grip areas provide extra comfort and safety.
  • DELIVERY – Order today for fastest delivery in just 9 days.

4. Bosch Professional GWS 18V-7 – Cordless Angle Grinder

Cordless Machine


  • POPULAR – BOSCH is a brand that is known worldwide for its quality, so it’s no surprise that this battery-powered 9 inch angle grinder follows the same suit.
  • CORDLESS FREEDOM – If you do not want the limitations of a corded grinder, then this one is definitely for you. This cordless grinder will allow you the freedom to work more freely and move anywhere with ease.
  • AMPShare COMPATIBILITY – Batteries and chargers are fully compatible with the Bosch Professional 18V System and with many other tools of the multi-brand AMPShare battery alliance.
  • ITEMS INCLUDED – GWS 18V-7, auxiliary handle, mounting flange, protective guard, quick-clamping nut, two-pin spanner, cardboard box
  • DELIVERY – Order today for fastest delivery in 6 days.

5. Makita DK0056Z1 230mm Grinder Twinpack-GA9050

Twin Pack


  • HIGHLY RATED – With a favourable rating of 4.7/5 stars, this twinpack has earned the positive recommendation of hundreds of buyers for its versatility and variety.
  • TWIN PACK – You get a Twinpack consisting of the GA9050 230 mm with wheel guard and side handle and the GA4530R 115 mm with wheel guard, side handle and grinder disc. The GA9050 is an easy-to-control 2000 Watt class angle grinder with a lightweight tool design, while the GA4530R is has additional soft-start and anti-restart functions.
  • OTHER FEATURES – The 230mm angle grinder also has a large trigger switch for ease of use, while the 115mm has built-in dust protection with dust proof ball bearings, with the motor field coated with protective powder varnish. 
  • DELIVERY – Order today for fastest delivery in less than 6 days.

VAT and Angle Grinders.

Before purchasing an angle grinder, it is important to note that the Value Added Tax (VAT) in some countries may apply. The VAT rate may vary from country to country and it is always best to check with a local supplier before you buy.

In conclusion, an angle grinder is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. It is important to understand the safety regulations and VAT requirements associated with angle grinders before using one. Knowing how to use an angle grinder properly can help ensure that you get the most out of it, while also protecting yourself from any potential hazards.

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