7 Best Waterproof Tarpaulin Covers Ireland

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Waterproof Tarpaulin Covers Ireland

Tarpaulins are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you can have in your arsenal. Whether you’re looking to protect your belongings from the elements or you need a sturdy, tear resistant surface to work on, tarpaulins are up to the task. In this blog post, we will discuss what to consider when looking for a tarpaulin cover.

Then we will also show you our favourite tear resistant, heavy duty Amazon covers, based on 4 important factors – reviews, function, low and free delivery options and price.

How to Choose a Good Waterproof Tarpaulin Cover

If you’re in need of a waterproof tarpaulin cover or tarp accessories, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.


Consider the weight and thickness of the tarp. Heavier duty tarps are going to be more durable and better able to withstand wear and tear. However, they’re also going to be more expensive.


Take a look at the material. Tarpaulin covers come in a variety of materials, including polyethylene, canvas, and PVC. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Polyethylene, for example, is lightweight and waterproof, but it’s not as durable as some other materials.

Canvas is more durable but not necessarily waterproof. And PVC is waterproof and can stand up to the elements, but can be heavy and difficult to work with.


Consider the size of the tarpaulin. You’ll want to make sure it’s big enough to cover whatever you need it to cover, but not so big that it’s cumbersome or difficult to store.

With all of these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect tarpaulin cover for any needs or location. However, kindly note that we have already decided to click through the filters, search and find the best options on Amazon so you do not have to go through the trouble of searching for them yourself.

We hope this helps.

7 Best Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Sheets and Covers - Ireland

What is the Best Waterproof Tarpaulin Cover for You?

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1. DBS Black Polythene (4m x 5m) Tarp Cover

Price: £25.75

This tarpaulin is in stock all year round and made from heavy duty polythene and is ideal for a variety of uses, including as a groundsheet or to cover outdoor equipment from temperamental weather.

  • It is BBA Approved which is the main sign that tells you it meets and exceeds industry -standard quality checks, and has a 250mu (1000g) thickness
  • It’s also great value for money, with a price tag of just £25.75.
  • And if you’re looking for added peace of mind, the tarp comes with an Amazon’s Choice tag and a beloved rating of 4.7/5 out of over 370 ratings as of today. This means that this is a very trusted product amongst many buyers around the world!

So why not add the DBS Black Polythene 4m x 5m Tarpaulin to your shopping basket today? You won’t be disappointed!

2.Waterproof (9m x 12 m) Tarpaulin Cover

Price: £55.19

If you’re looking for a very large waterproof tarpaulin, the Amazon Waterproof (9m x 12 m) Tarpaulin Cover is a great option. Ihis extremely popular tarp also has the Amazon’s Choice tag, as well as 4.7/5 out of a staggering 7000+ ratings.

  • This tough and durable tarpaulin is made from a double-sided polyethylene material that is both mildew proof and washable, making it ideal for use in any environment.
  • With grommets every 90cm, it’s easy to secure this tarp to any surface. Whether you’re covering a pool, patio furniture, or construction equipment, this tarp will keep your belongings dry and protected.
  • Also features heat-sealed seams that prevent moisture from seeping through, ensuring that your belongings stay dry no matter what the weather throws at them.
  • Allow 3 days for fastest home delivery by Amazon – also qualifies for free delivery on Amazon Prime

So why not get this incredibly valuable cover for your projects today?

3. Xpose Tear Resistant (10ft x 10ft) Poly Tarpaulin

Price : £96.83

The Xpose (10ft x 10ft) Poly Tarp is the perfect way to protect your belongings from the sun and the elements. This tarp is also in stock all year round and is made of durable polyethylene material with reinforced edges, so you can rest assured that your things will be safe.

  • The UV protection ensures that your belongings won’t fade in the sun, while the water-resistant finish protects them from rain and moisture.
  • All Xpose tarps are 16 mil thick, 16×16 weave count; and have rust-proof grommets every 18 inches and on each corner
  • This super-cover is also waterproof, shrink proof, rot and mildew resistant
  • Order today for home delivery to Ireland in less than 7 days.

So whether you need this tarpaulin cover for use in camping, construction or to simply cover your gear or site, this heavy duty tarp will do the job.

4. PROUH Clear Vinyl (5mx6m) Tarpaulin Cover

Price : £194.06

This clear vinyl tarpaulin cover is perfect for a wide range of applications – including tent fly, canopy, outdoor tub cover, roof camping or general protection from tough weather.

  • It is made from durable clear PVC and is 100% waterproof.
  • The tarpaulin cover also has reinforced eyelets for easy hanging.
  • It has good light transmission and can withstand tearing and sunlight.
  • The cover also has reinforced hems and solid plastic bar reinforcement for added strength.
  • Allow at least 9 days delivery from business location to your home.

And given how easy it is to clean and store away, this clear tarp will clearly make a fine addition for your back garden.

5. WHITEDUCK (6’6ft x 8’6ft) Tan Canvas Tarpaulin

Price : £149.14

For those looking for a low-maintenance waterproof canvas cover, this tarpaulin is also available in deep brown and not only the tan colour displayed above.

  • Also, this waterproof canvas tarpaulin is made from loomstate heavy duty 12 oz. numbered duck fabric which is Grade “A” industrial-grade yarn and creates a tighter weave construction and smoother texture than single fill cotton ducks.
  • The cotton canvas tarps will not self-destruct and rot away as all seams and hems are double stitched with heavy duty and rot-resistant thread.
  • Stainless steel rustproof grommets spaced approximately 2.5-3 feet apart all around
  • There is reflective tape at corners that will provide a high visibility warning, especially during night time 
  •  Fabric allows a little airflow for drying out the dampness and humidity.

6. TIMCO Green (4m x 5m) Waterproof Tarpaulin Cover

Price : £24.99

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable tarpaulin, the TIMCO Green (4m x 5m) is a great option. It’s made from UV-treated polyethylene for extended use outdoors, and is available for under £25.

  • Waterproof
  • Perfect for use on building & construction works, DIY painting & decorating jobs and for covering trailers, cars, boats and more

So whether you need it for garden furniture or as a groundsheet, this tarpaulin will do the job. Order yours today!

7. SOVIYAS (10 x 12 m,150g/m²) Tarpaulin Cover

Price : £159.99

Looking for a tarpaulin that is thick, strong and UV treated? Look no further than the SOVIYAS Tarpaulin.

This is one seriously tough tarp. It’s made from 150g/m² PVC which makes it pretty much impervious to tearing and breaking. Plus, it’s been UV treated so you can leave it out in the sun without worrying about it deteriorating.

  • ALso available in more than 6 sizes and at least 3 different colours
  • It also features reinforced eyelets every meter so you can easily tie it down.
  • Multipurpose use – protect your car, outdoor furniture, building materials etc

It’s also super easy to set up and very large. So why wait? Get yourself a SOVIYAS tarpaulin today!

FAQS – Waterproof Tarpaulin Covers Ireland

What are the Main advantages of Tarpaulin Covers?

  • Most tarpaulins are completely waterproof, which ensures that any equipment or goods that are covered by them remain protected from wet conditions. This makes them ideal in outdoor environments where exposure to rain, snow, or other forms of precipitation could cause damage.
  • They are durable and long-lasting. Made from materials such as PVC or polyethylene, these covers are resistant to tears, punctures, and other forms of damage.
  • Waterproof tarpaulin covers are also versatile and easy to use. They can be quickly and easily secured over a range of objects or structures, providing immediate protection. They can also be custom-sized and shaped to fit specific applications or requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum coverage.
  • By protecting valuable equipment, materials, or goods from damage, these covers can help to reduce the need for costly repairs, replacements, or insurance claims. They are also an eco-friendly choice, as many tarpaulin covers are made from recycled materials.

What are the Main disadvantages of tarpaulins?

While there are far more benefits for tarpaulins than disadvantages, there are still a few which include:

  • Wear & Tear after long use, which could result in leakages when it rains.
  • Due to the waterproof nature of most tarpaulins, condensation during hot weather can cause damp and moisture onto whatever the tarpaulin is protecting.
  • When a grommet comes out or loosens, it may cause the tie-downs or ropes to slacken, exposing the tarp to strong winds

What Type of tarp Lasts the Longest?

Canvas tarpaulins are prone to shrink when exposed to weather. Vinyl tarpaulins on the other hand, are made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a plastic that remains flexible across a wide temperature range. This makes them one of the most durable tarp materials available.

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