3 Valentine's Gift Ideas for your Entrepreneur Friend.

3 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for your Entrepreneur Friend.

St. Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and Google is probably tired of ‘valentine’s gift for him/her’ searches. If your partner or friend is a small business owner, I am sure that you have already made the usual dinner reservations. Also, if you have already bought a Valentine’s present for your entrepreneur friend, then great.

However, if you’re one of those notorious a last-minute shoppers, be it by choice or by force, here are a few ideas to get an impressive Valentine gift ideas for them this year.

1. Personalised Business Card Holder for Him.

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Anyone who knows me understand that I am a sucker for personalised gifts.

And I hope that extends to a lot of people.

So if you want to make a nice touch for your business owner friend, why don’t you surprise them with a thoughtful, yet classy gift with their business logo, just like the one to the right?

2. Personalised Acrylic Nameplate For Her.

glexis rose

There is nothing that solidifies ambition like a personalised nameplate does.

Even if you get one in humor so they can put on their table or on the wall, seeing your name/vision/logo actually printed makes your mission seem real, and could even motivate you to keep working towards achieving their business goals.

3. Simply Get Them to Holla At Me.

There you Go.

By now you’ve realised that this entire post is just another shameless promotion for my small business services. ANd the best part about this is that you do not have to spend a dime! Simply tell them to contact me. By doing so, you would be showing your love to them by helping them grow their overall business by up to 20% this year alone.

Simply put, I will write emails, ads or blogs for them in order to help them gain more business. Also:

My copy is:
  • Easy to read
  • Conversational, informative and interesting
  • Search engine-friendly
  • Social Media friendly
What Else Can I Offer, You Ask?

Well, apart from the above, I can guarantee that their work will be:

  • Delivered on time
  • Formatted appropriately
  • Properly sourced (if necessary) and Up-to-date
  • But most importantly, generate the much needed business to help their business succeed.

Get in touch with me today!

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the write guy

Save LOTS of  €€€s TODAY!

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We NEVER spam!

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